Welcome to my Home Page!

I welcome everyone who found their way to my website. I'm glad to guide you through the interesting world of wet shaving.

I came into this world in 1950... And the world got one more collector! Actually, collecting was always part of my life. In 1986 I found an area of collecting that captivated me completely. I thought 50 to 60 pieces would be my whole collection. Far from it!

Now I´m selling a lot my razor Blade Sharpeners and my whole „Barber Collection“ is for interested byers. Expekt the ballde Banks and Shaving Soap Tins.

Now I have asmall collection of Cigarette Rolling Machines (CRM). I´m looking further for this nice machines mainly from the French factory LEMAIRE. Please take alook under the pitures of „CRM“.

Please visit also the other links, where you'll find much more about wet shaving collectibles.